Saturday, January 1, 2011

How do you recover after eating and drinking too much during the holidays?

The next day after eating or drinking too much, you feel sometimes sick, you have cramps and dizziness, and do not feel able to get out of bed. What can you do to not get in this situation? Not to party again? Not go to dinners, not celebrate Christmas and Easter, and not go out with friends to clubs or restaurants? That can not be, now matter how you promise you will never do any excesses, either of food, nor drinks. What's left to do is to prepare yourself for a day of recovery and observe some simple rules.

What to drink?
Water, of course! What other beverages purify you? You really need to clean your body after you have eaten and drank excessively. Drink plain water at breakfast, lunch and dinner, in fact, throughout the day, and especially before bedtime. Hydrating yourself fully is the golden rule when you made food excess. If sparkling water does not make feel swollen, you can drink 1-2 glasses – and it will make you feel less "heavy." Alcohol dehydrates you, so it's very important to drink water to re-hydrate yourself. Do not wait to feel thirsty, or to feel your throat and tongue being dry. Drink water just to keep you from feeling that way.

Teas are also highly recommended, especially those with diuretic effects (like chicory tea), and go often go to the bathroom for relieving your bladder. Pay attention to maintaining high hydration levels, by drinking plenty of water.

Some prohibited beverages:
• Coffee - contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, and you do not need to stimulate your body at all. Do not drink coffee unless you wake up with headaches.
• Fruit juices, especially citrus juice, are also not indicated especially for breakfast, because they are acidic and aggressive to the already upset stomach.

What to eat?
Do not worry about your silhouette: eating too much fish once will not make you gain weight. You can start worrying about it when you are eating at this rate for several days in a row. Usually and unfortunately, this happens during the holidays.

After a feast, many people are tempted the next day not to eat anything. This is however not a good idea. If you deprive your body of food, you risk more damage. It is mandatory to start your day with breakfast, even though frugal: a slice of bread with butter and a cup of tea, sweetened or not. During the day, even if you're not really hungry, eat at least soup or fresh fruit.

If you feel nauseous, yogurts will do you well because they contain lactic ferments which help digestion.

It is not bad at all if you are not having full meals, with first course, main course and dessert. It's good if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not starve yourself, but do not fill your stomach. Avoid fatty too salty foods.

Natural Solutions
  • Vegetable charcoal capsules relieve unpleasant feelings of indigestion and hangover.
  • Dill or fennel seeds: taken after a meal help digestion.
  • Teas that facilitate digestion: anise, chamomile, marjoram, rosemary, thyme or verbena.
You ate a lot and you feel full, but that's no reason to spend the next day at the health center or running miles to get rid of you what you ate. A dehydrated body is tired and more prone to cardio-vascular accidents. The best is to have a walk outdoors. Thus, fresh oxygen will aid the digestive organs to do their job better.

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