Sunday, December 26, 2010

Folk remedies

- Slowly chew a flavored clove
- Apply water and vinegar compresses 
- Take a bath, add black tea infusion to the bath water
- Walk barefoot in the morning, through dew 
- Apply on your forehead a slice of lemon, half a cherry or raw potato slices
- Drink a cup of strong coffee with a teaspoon of lemon juice. 

- Eat on an empty stomach some orange peel boiled and then dried 
- Walk daily, barefoot, for 15 minutes, on cold stones or soil. 

- Eat boiled or infused salad in the evening 
- Drink a cup of hot milk with honey 
- Take a short hot bath with linden flowers 
- Fill a pillowcase with chamomile, pine needles, lavender or hay flowers and sleep at night with your head on it (or put it beside your pillow). 

 Sore throat
- Gargle with hot lemon juice 

 To rest better
- When you lie down to rest, rub your feet with garlic or apply garlic cloves between toes. 

- Have all day in your pocket a potato or an onion 
- Apply a poultice of nettles on the painful spot. It stings, but it will go away.
- Apply crushed cabbage leaf compresses 
- Apply hot compresses with decoction of dried tomato strains (picked in autumn, after harvesting). 

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